Why fertilize the lawn? The soil supplies lawngrass with some essential nutrients, but most soils can’t provide everything your lawn needs throughout the whole growing season. An actively growing lawn uses a great deal of energy from these nutrients. Lawn fertilizer helps your grass stay healthy by:

  • Promoting new leaf and root growth
  • Aiding in recovery from foot and pest damage
  • Reducing and controlling weeds
  • Replacing nutrients lost to leaching

This is why the foundation of every Parshall Turf Care lawn program is the consistent, well-timed application of custom-blended nutrients that nourish your grass by feeding the soil it grows in.

Fertilization in the 3 Seasons to Ensure Results

Parshall Lawn Care Experts will tailor a professional fertilization program that will adjust the fertilizer blend, timing of its application, to the season growing conditions.

Parshall’s fertilizer programs include a series of applications that start in the spring and end in the fall. While spring and summer applications strengthen the grass, in return building a healthy, lush, green lawn. Late-season applications provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to develop a strong root system throughout the winter. This results in a quick green up in the spring.


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