Parshall Lawn Experts highly recommend this cultural practice that can do wonders for the health and beauty of your lawn. It involves the mechanical removal of small soil plugs, or “cores”, which allows water, air, and nutrients to make their way more easily to the lawn’s roots where they are needed.

Why Aerate Your Lawn

  • Improve root systems by reducing soil compaction and improving pore space, aeration increases poor space in the soil which improves root growth and root depth.
  • Aeration allows water to flow better into the soil easier and faster, it reduces runoff and puddling and increases the effectiveness of your irrigation practices.
  • Since compacted and / or poorly drained soils are prone to build thatch, the improved drainage from core aeration can help with thatch problems.
  • A healthy microbial population requires sufficient oxygen and water penetration, both of which are improved through aeration of the lawn.


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